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The whole RJA/Rohan thing was dealt with unprofessionally by both parties, and to judge an entire band on the actions of one person involved is just wrong. There’s two sides to every story, and there were certainly holes in Rohans. Photoshop isn’t hard to use, especially if you are a photographer. They tried to fix it but he then went too far and he knows it. But the main thing is both sides have moved on, unfortunately attention seeking bitches haven’t. Just appreciate the art

23. April 2014


I can’t go cause of it being on a Sunday, not cause of them being in assholes to the photographer. I was originally going when they had the other date cause a lot of my friends’ bands are opening for them. But I can’t make it and I want to get rid of my ticket. I’ll literally give it for less to no money. Also the ticket goes towards my friends’ band so it would be awesome if you could take it from me. 

Message me about it.


My brother got some selfies going today with joey Westwood! 
Miss this marine!

Anonymous asked: do u support the band any less now after that?

Forever a fan, no matter what.

The situation was that they found the picture on instagram posted by a fan apparently, then they posted it on facebook because they liked the picture, now that resulted into this whole big story about them stealing someone’s picture, and people saying they have no disregard for other artist’s work.

Anonymous asked: do you know what happened with them and the photographer?

RJA are getting a lot of bad press