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Joey Westwood ;D

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus / You’re The Mocking Jay


Even now I can feel it coming over me, choking me
As I’m falling behind
You can say you know me
But you have no clue what my dreams could show you

And darkness is fading in
And darkness is real


What did everyone think of “4”? I just realized I haven’t talked about it yet. I loved some of the songs, and wasn’t a big fan of a few of them. It’s a good album, just not my favorite that they’ve released. If you’ve listened to it please share your thoughts with me! I’d love to know what others thought.


Ronnie Winter w/ his girlfriend on stage preparing to sing “My Guardian Angel”

Ronnie Winter of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
*I will now be posting my concert shots every once in a while

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Ignorance Is Bliss